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شماره نام نویسنده عنوان پوستر
1 دکتر مریم امیدخدا Evaluation of bond strength of orthodontic brackets using light- and chemical-cure adhesives systems over time: An in-vitro study
2 دکتر محجوبه گلدانی مقدم Developing a decision support system based on soft tissue analysis for prediction of extraction need in Class I malocclusion treatment
3 دکتر آرین حسام عارفی Effect of hemostatic agents on shear bond strength of orthodontic eyelets bonded with Conventional and self-etch adhesives
4 دکتر عاطفه صفارشاهرودی Concerns and Problems of Orthodontic Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic
5 دکتر محمدرضا شهام فر Evaluation of the effect of malocclusion on oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL) among 8-11 year old school children of Tabriz in 2020
6 دکتر فرزانه لعل علیزاده Persian translation, adaptation, and reliability of the SRBD-PSQ
7 دکتر هومان شفاعی Comparison the effect of Ibuprofen and Curcumin on pain reduction after primary archwire placement in orthodontic patients
8 دکتر فاطمه حاجی زاده Changes in esthetic standards of famous individuals profile since 1970
9 دکتر فاطمه سادات سیدزاده قمی Cephalometric assessment of upper lip changes following lefort1 osteotomy
10 دکتر آذین نوریان Association of sella turcica bridging and morphologic characteristics with palatally impacted canine in lateral cephalograms
11 دکتر عارفه حاجیان Comparing Streptococcus Mutans Adhesion by Using Different Orthodontic Bracket Ligations
12 دکتر علی تشکر Concepts, protocol and current trends in surgery first orthognathic approach
13 دکتر بتول السادات موسوی فرد Effectiveness of adjunctive interventions on the acceleration of orthodontic tooth movement: A review
14 دکتر سپیده عرب effect of mandibular asymmetry on facial attractiveness perceived by lay people and specialists
15 دکتر نیما فرشیدفر The Adjunctive Effect of Autologous Platelet Concentrates on Orthodontic Tooth Movement: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Current Randomized Controlled Trials
16 دکتر عبدالرسول رنگ رزی Addition of Chitosan and TiO2 Nanoparticles into the Orthodontic adhesive: Effects on Shear Bond Strength
17 دکتر فتانه قربانی جوادپور Cephalometric norms in Iranian adults who live in Ahvaz using McNamara analysis 2018-2019
18 دکتر مریم شیرازی Evaluation of body dysmorphic disorder in adult orthodontic treatment applicants based on IOTN index
19 دکتر عطیه یادگاری A systematic review of methods to determine skeletal maturation based on cervical vertebrae
20 دکتر ملیکا فیروزمنش The effect of adding TiO2 on shear bond strength of composite during aging: an in vitro study
21 دکتر عاطفه احمدوند Ions release evaluation and corrosion of titanium mini-implant surface in response to mouthwashes
22 دکتر معصومه اسمعیلی Root resorption during orthodontic treatment
23 دکتر علیرضا چمنی Orthodontic-Surgical Treatment in a Patient with Anterior Skeletal Open Bite and Myotonic Dystrophy
24 دکترمنیژه محمدیان Adhesion of orthodontic brackets on ceramic surfaces
25 دکتر الهه سلطانمحمدی بروجنی orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning during mixed dentition: a review of recent literature
26 دکتر ندا اسلامی Comparison of Esthetic Perception and Satisfaction of Profile among Male Adolescents and Adults with Different Profiles
27 دکتر ریحانه نصرت ابادی Association between malocclusion, happiness and oral health related QoL in children, 2018-2019
28 دکتر علیرضا جعفری نعیمی Special Considerations in Orthodontic Treatments of Atypical Facial Growth – A clinical review of Cases
29 دکترکیمیا نوکار Clinical application of nanomaterials in orthodontics; A review of literature
30 دکتر مریم صالح زاده Smile arc influence on smile attractiveness in different gingival displays; an esthetic perception study in Iranian population
31 دکتر پویان رضوی Artificial intelligence and machine learning application in orthodontics
32 دکتر سوده طهماسبی New surface Modification to reduce Bacterial adhesion of Elastomeric ligatures

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